Perpetuating the Myth: Experts and the Application of Principles

The collapse of the Champlain Towers Condo Building in Surfside

When it comes to what appear to be complex and intricate topics, it is part and parcel of our human nature, perhaps, to defer to “subject matter experts,” as we used to call them in the military intelligence community.  Their expertise can be indispensable when, as engineers, for example, these experts plan and design the construction of bridges and buildings. A paramount aspect of their responsibility is ultimately to ensure that sound engineering principles have been effectively utilized to guarantee safety for those who will use or inhabit the structure.  Unfortunately, we have seen far too many examples of engineering failures and miscalculations, such as the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse in 1940, or more recently, the partially destroyed condominium building in Surfside, Florida, just last week.  Notwithstanding all the credentials and even accolades that an engineer may hold or may have earned, the bottom line for whether a structure will stand the test of time or not is whether these learned individuals properly apply fundamental structural engineering principles.  When a bridge or building collapses, this is the first thing that comes under suspicion: was the structure designed and constructed properly?

 Over the past year, we have witnessed a burgeoning number of experts who seem intent on weighing in on this most significant of moral issues: what have come to be called “abortion-tainted vaccines” and other pharmaceuticals.   One of those is Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D., Director of the National Catholic Bioethics Center, in Philadelphia.  On April 21, 2021, an article penned by Fr. Pacholczyk was featured on the official website (“Today’s Catholic”) of the Diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend, Indiana.  Father’s article, posted under the heading of “Making Sense of Bioethics,” bears the intriguing title, “Countering Catholic Misinformation about Vaccines.”  Depending on one’s point of view, the title promises that the article will go in one of two directions: it will either be a corrective against the Vatican, most prelates and countless clergy who have bought into the “one baby killed many years ago” legend, or it will be one more article ad nauseam written to promote the discredited “remote material” argument that employs sophistry to rationalize acceptance of abortion-tainted vaccines.  Unfortunately, delving into the article, the reader does not have to wait long to recognize that Fr. Pacholczyk clearly sides with those who acquiesce to the “medical research”/big pharma industry, counseling accommodation with these demonic forces.  Let us leave the “why?” of the matter for another time.  It would require a significant amount of speculation to try to understand the motive behind the sad spectacle of so many learned Catholic prelates, clergy, academicians, and authors assuring us that acceptance of vaccines and drugs that have been tested or developed with “fetal stem cell lines” — stem cells stolen from murdered babies — is morally licit.  Instead, we will show that Father’s reasoning is fatally flawed, as we parse his article point by point.

The main theme of the article is that we have all fallen for falsehoods regarding the “bioethics” of such vaccines as COVID-19.  Fr. Pacholczyk is here to tell us just why the concerns of those of us who draw the line against morally illicit vaccines and other pharmaceuticals are based on . . . well, “myths.”  Yes, you read that correctly!  As we unpack Father’s propaganda piece you will see that with a wave of his hand, he palms off concerns about current vaccines tested and developed with “fetal stem cells” — most of which contain tissue residue or DNA from brutally tortured and murdered babies.  Are you surprised that a priest who directs a non-profit organization with the stated mission of providing “education, guidance, and resources to the Church and society to uphold the dignity of the human person in health care and biomedical research, thereby sharing in the ministry of Jesus Christ and his Church” would buy into such demonically-inspired lies, then try to indoctrinate Catholic faithful?  Well, so were we!

    Fr. Pacholczyk may well share his organization’s devotion to upholding the “dignity of the human person”; but apparently there are exceptions to insisting on dignity for “human persons” if the person happens to be one of the babies torn from a mother’s womb for medical research or pharmaceutical production.  Father starts his article with an anecdote about a priest who expressed concern that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines could alter his DNA and even make him infertile.  (It was, thankfully, not explained why a priest would be worried about being rendered infertile.)  Despite the fact that both Pfizer and Moderna admit to having used stem cell tissue in the testing of their mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, Fr. Pacholczyk sets the concerned priest’s mind at ease by assuring him that there was absolutely nothing to substantiate what he calls “misinformation” about these vaccines.  He obviously hasn’t been reading the near-daily reports of adverse effects, as “substantiated” on the U.S. Government’s own Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) website.  You see, Father’s greatest concern is not adverse effects of experimental vaccines.  No, he wants his readers to be careful about falling for “various forms of misinformation, including ‘Catholic’ misinformation that can spread rapidly on social media.”  Father would no doubt disagree with such articulate voices as those of Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Don Pietro Leone and Dr. de Mattei’s own translator, Francesca Romana, whose poignant critique devastated Roberto de Mattei’s spurious argument that those of us who draw the line against illicit vaccines are undermining the traditional movement.

  As an expert, Father Pacholczyk wants us to be “vigilant” against statements such as those of Australian Michael Baker, whose perceptive analysis on the Family Life International website in late April included this astute observation: “My experience in discussions with fellow Catholics is that the sensus fidelium on this grave moral issue is more likely to be found among the lowly faithful than among the ‘experts’.”  And Father really wants his readers to be most discerning regarding which experts meet with his approbation.  In fact, we soon learn that Pamela Acker, the courageous young author of Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective, does not fall into his approved category.  Father has significant heartburn with a statement Miss Acker made to John-Henry Westen in a LifeSite video regarding the HEK-293 stem cell line derived from murdered babies.  Yes, that’s babies, not just one baby.  Father Pacholczyk is really the one who perpetuates a myth: that the HEK-293 line is derived, he contends, from “a single fetus . . . in 1972 or 1973”.  Don’t you love the way those who acquiesce to the acceptance of abortion-tainted vaccines (thus counseling accommodation with the world) speak of a “fetus” instead of a “baby,” and how no one seems to know the exact year the supposed single murder took place?    

  Let’s stop right there for a moment.  As we analyze Fr. Pacholczyk’s main argument — that there was only one baby decades ago from which the HEK-293 stem cell line is derived — let’s look closely at how he portrays himself as a reasonable moderate, who still seems pro-life:

“Whether there were hundreds of abortions or just one is not the key issue, since harvesting cells from even a single abortion is still unethical. However, in Acker’s interview, the sense of outrage for the audience is ramped up in proportion to the overstated claims about the number of abortions.”

       In reality, it is Father Pacholczyk who does not seem to share the sense of appropriate outrage for even one butchered baby.  He even tries to downplay the unequivocal evidence for the brutal extraction of babies who are then tortured and robbed of their organs.  He may not find evidence; however, just this week it was revealed that the University of California at San Francisco was caught red-handed exploiting murdered babies’ body parts for “medical research”.  But Fr. Pacholczyk, whose list of credentials and faculty memberships is both extensive and impressive, throws his readers a curve ball by carefully crafting a disingenuous assertion: “. . . there is no historical evidence that a C-section was ever done to obtain the HEK-293 cell line”.   For someone who has bought into the “only one baby long ago” legend, it is odd that he would word his statement thus, since it means that he feels certain that the “one” baby he claims was aborted for the HEK-293 line in “1972 or 1973” was not harvested by C-section.  Fr. Pacholczyk is a Catholic priest and we should take him at his word when he expresses his disapproval of “harvesting cells” from murdered babies; but why this apparent downplaying of “only one abortion”?

Our perception of his attitude reveals what appears to be a brutality that prompts those who have served in the front lines of the pro-life struggle to be utterly revolted and causes us to ask many questions.  Are not unborn babies and their mothers saved one by one in front of the abortuaries? Are not human souls saved one by one? Did Our Lord Jesus Christ not suffer and die to save even one?  Is not every single murder of a human “fetus” a sin of infinite and eternal consequence?  Certainly, Father would agree that when God gives life, He gives it forever! Then why is Father not outraged at the brutal murder of one single “fetus humanis” and the commercial industry derived from this single murder.  Why does it seem somehow incomprehensible for Fr. Pacholczyk — an expert, bioethicist, and moral theologian — that we faithful in the pews are more horrified than he? Or is it something not deemed to be significant enough for him to concern himself sufficiently about the murder of a single child, so as to not call this murder and the industry and its products derived from it such as vaccines, to be utterly evil? And then, how is it possible to talk well of the benefits of such a vaccine and urge people to take a vaccine so derived. Was not only one single specimen of an adult “Homo sapiens“, known as Jesus of Nazareth, murdered that First Friday on Golgotha?  Was this one single life of no value?  Should priests and learned theologians not bother themselves to take notice of the cosmic significance of only one single “fetus humanis” murdered in the “remote past” some 50 or so years ago?   Did God not notice one single sin of Adam?

But the truth is that we are not dealing with just one murdered baby many decades ago.  We have been pointing out for months that by accepting abortion-tainted vaccines — not just for COVID-19, but for, inter alia, varicella and rubella — we are contributing to the demand for “products” of those who profit from creating and using stem cell lines from murdered babies.  Why can’t the Director of the National Catholic Bioethics Center see this?  As we wrote above, we do not know the answer to “why?”, but we can sadly observe that Father Pacholczyk is being disingenuous at best when he criticizes Miss Acker and others of us who know and spread the truth of the matter.  Let’s be clear on this: there were indeed many, many more babies killed than the “one long ago” that Father wants us to believe. As Father correctly points out in his article, “harvesting cells from even a single abortion is still unethical,” but it is appalling that he then goes on to lament the “sense of outrage” that was “ramped up” by Pamela Acker’s assertions regarding the number of abortions that were necessary to produce HEK-293.  The most disturbing aspect of Father Pacholczyk’s propaganda piece is that he either missed or ignored Pamela Acker’s response to those who, like him, tried to cast doubt on her assertions of the overwhelming numbers of murdered babies used in stem cell research (including the HEK-293 line that Father apparently judges as ethically acceptable).  Miss Acker shows that researcher Frank Graham was certainly involved in developing more than one aborted fetal cell line and as Pamela Acker told us, “It is unfortunately a common sleight-of-hand amongst those in the vaccine industry to dissimulate about how many abortions were involved.” 

  Unfortunately for Fr. Pacholczyk, who must be a very busy man, he could have saved himself the trouble of writing his propaganda piece by having read Pamela Acker’s response of February 19, which anticipated all his criticisms of her by a full two months and could have obviated his need to indoctrinate us with his half-baked reasoning.  In other words, Father ‘s arguments were already proved wrong by the very woman whose assessment he was trying to disparage, two months before he apparently penned his article.  Even if he claims he was not aware of Miss Acker’s solid and compelling arguments, how did the Director of the National Catholic Bioethics Center miss the horrifying testimony of Dr. Stanley Plotkin featured on Life Site News on February 1, 2021?  It seems nearly unfathomable that a man in Father’s position and possessing his expert credentials  would not know of this most infamous admission by the ghoulish Dr. Plotkin as he contradicted himself in sworn testimony at the trial of a mother who was being prosecuted for refusing vaccines for her children.

    There are many more points that could be made to discredit Fr. Pacholczyk’s poorly thought-out hit piece on Pamela Acker and his concomitant defense of abortion-tainted vaccines.  In the final analysis, however, it is simply perplexing and nearly incredible that the Director of the National Catholic Bioethics Center can’t seem to get his mind wrapped around the real issue: as long as people accept immoral vaccines, abortions will continue. Notwithstanding Father’s admonition that “[n]one of this is to reduce the obligation we have to object strongly to the continued use of abortion-derived cells in vaccine work and other forms of research”, his parroting of the guidance issued by Pontifical Academy for Life (PAL) is troubling.  In fact, since 2005, when the PAL attempted belatedly to address the issue of abortion-tainted vaccines, the possibility of accepting illicit vaccines under certain conditions was clearly left open, provided that Catholics fulfill their “duty” to make known their objections to appropriate government agencies and to the drug manufacturers themselves.  It was a disappointing and haphazard response to a “medical research”/big pharma industry that had obviously gotten out of moral control.  Far from slowing the use of aborted baby tissue and DNA, the Vatican’s incredibly weak response has done nothing but encourage the harvesting of babies in the last sixteen years.  For example, a completely new cell line was created from murdered babies in China in 2015 — because of the demand!  Furthermore, the International Society for Stem Cell Research just recently updated its rules to allow experimentation on human embryos older than 14 days old.  And of course we have the recent information about the UCSF baby parts market alluded to above. Despite the Vatican’s passive resistance strategy that Fr. Pacholczyk promotes, medical “researchers” are upping the ante in this moral war.

In Charity and Truth, we must point out that Catholic “experts” like Fr. Pacholczyk, who recommend conditional acceptance of abortion-tainted vaccines and other pharmaceuticals, are clearly complicit in the cooperation with evil.  This is not meant to be mean-spirited, it is a simple observation by elderly faithful who have, by the Grace of Almighty God, properly formed consciences.  In jurisprudence, those who accept, after the fact, the ill-gotten goods of criminals are considered “accomplices after the fact,” while in moral theology, those who “partake” of ill-gotten goods are most definitely “accessories to another’s sins”.  They would do well to think long and hard about how such acceptance will encourage those who wish to exploit the harvesting of organs and stem cells from murdered babies and perpetuate the gruesome practice.   The only way to stop this blight on our civilization is to say, “No!”  Why can’t Fr. Pacholczyk see this?  He writes that “[w]e should give witness to the truth in all its forms.” Well, in that case, perhaps Father will take his own advice:

“The best response to . . . misinformation from well-intentioned Catholics is to provide accurate guidance and scientific explanations to our Catholic faithful, hoping they will have ears to hear and hearts open to dialogue and reflection when presented with factually correct information. “

  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Father!

We wish to express our most sincere thanks to Dr. Claude E. Newbury, M.B., B.Ch., D.T.M&H., D.O.H., M.F.G.P., D.P.H., D.C.H., D.A., M. Med., who collaborated with us on this article. Dr. Newbury is a physician who founded the Catholic Medical Association of St. Luke and was a co-founder of the World Federation of Doctors Who Defend Human Life. He is a member of the Board of Family Life International of the UK. Former memberships include the Board of Family Life International of New Zealand and the Board of Advisors of Human Life International. Dr. Newbury and his wife Glenys were given HLI’s International Award in 1992 for the persons who had done most to defend the unborn.  He is also a past President of Pro-Life South Africa.

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