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God Bless America!

When you are serving your country far from home and loved ones, holidays are particularly difficult. On July 4th, 1984, the Sailors and Marines living in Rota, Spain, heard a song for the first time that left no eyes dry. Our thanks to Lee Greenwood for what was, at that time, a contemporary patriotic song, but has become an enduring legacy to those of us who made the sacrifices of military life for a higher cause.

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A Tale of Two Cities

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has caused quite a kerfuffle. The reactions to his refusal of Holy Communion to the long-time abortion advocate demonstrated a deep rift in the understanding of Catholic doctrine and Canon Law.
Meanwhile, only cricket chirps can be heard from Cardinal Wilton Gregory himself. The difference between those two prelates is emblematic of the sad spectacle of NewChurch imploding over the inability to ground itself in the Traditional moral teaching of the Church.

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Big Sister Nina is Watching You

A government over-reaches its authority when it attempts to control not just written words on the internet, spoken words on talk radio, but thoughts and concepts that have not even been articulated in the written or spoken word. Such a government is illegitimate, and we owe no allegiance to those who claim to hold positions of authority in such an entity. Let us pray that Almighty God will one day smile on our nation again.

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When Catholic Schools Were Catholic

It was what many of us consider the “Golden Age” of Catholicism in America – the post-war period stretching from the 40s to the 60s. Those two decades saw many converts to the True Faith in the United States, with a significant growth in a school system that was the envy of the world. Men of the “Greatest Generation” returned from the war, married their sweethearts, and worked hard to place their children in Catholic schools.

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Wars and Rumors of Wars: Russia, Ukraine, and Fatima

We are witnessing two nations with deeply Christian roots fighting over the identity and future of Ukraine. We watch the news and try to make sense of it all — though much of what we see is propaganda from both sides. Whose interests are at stake? And what can we learn by viewing it through the eyes of Our Lady of Fatima?

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Star of Wonder

We always seem to be looking for rational explanations of things and events that we observe. But was the Star of Bethlehem a natural object, as many believe? Can it really be explained as a normal planetary conjunction? Or was it a unique sign placed by Almighty God in the heavens to announce the birth of His Son?

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A Blessed Christmas to All Our Readers

At this blessed time of year, when Our Lord is born to us once again in our beautiful Liturgy, we thank Almighty God for all his blessings. We are especially grateful for the gift of His Son, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Our Lord Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, who “was born of the Most Pure Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in piercing cold”. Despite the growing darkness, Our Lord remains “the True Light that enlighteneth every man that cometh into this world” (John 1: 9). Pax et Bonum!

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A Heath Family Christmas

Aloise Buckley Heath, the sister of William F. Buckley, Jr., was a brilliant author whose wit and humor gave us an insight into a Catholic mother’s perspective on raising a large family in the America of the ’50s and ’60s. As our Christmas gift to you, please enjoy this wonderful essay, in which Aloise Heath tries to produce a family Christmas program. Perhaps it will sound somewhat familiar to many of you blessed with large families. Merry Christmas!

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