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Fr. Bisig: “Archbishop Lefebvre is the Founder of the FSSP!”

Early in his talk, Fr. Josef Bisig asserted: “Archbishop Lefebvre is the Founder of the FSSP, and we continue the work started by him.” Although Father spent some time extolling the virtues of Archbishop Lefebvre, as his talk progressed, it was clear, for various reasons, that we were being subjected to an indoctrination. Primarily, the tactic of starting out with kind words for the individual/group…

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Father Bisig’s Visit to Post Falls: Why Now? – Updated

Why bring Fr. Bisig here to Post Falls, just a few miles from the second largest SSPX chapel in the nation, to give a talk in which he will certainly criticize Archbishop Lefebvre and the Society? Why highlight differences between the two priestly orders, when these tradition-minded priests should be working together to fend off the attacks of Francis against the Mass of the Ages?…

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Bow Down Your Heads to God

How many of us have paid attention to the fact that during Lent, there is a very special prayer, just after the Postcommunion, at every Lenten weekday Mass? This prayer is called the Oratio super populum, or the Prayer over the people, and has a long liturgical history. This Prayer over the people always begins, Humiliate capita vestra Deo. “Bow down your heads to God.”

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St. Joseph’s Staircase

Reading Christmas stories as a family has always been one of our favorite family traditions during the Christmas season. It is a truly memorable Catholic practice we can pass down to our children and grandchildren. Here we present for our readers a most endearing Christmas story — a perennial favorite — surrounding the legend of the Miraculous Staircase, called by many believers “St. Joseph’s Staircase.”

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Are You a “Disoriented” Catholic?

Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin told the French bishops on 4 November 2022 that Francis wishes to “show special care for Catholics ‘disoriented’ by his decision to severely restrict the celebration of Traditional Latin Masses.” Are you “disoriented” by the brutal suppression of the Ancient Mass and the passive-aggressive persecution by both N.O. clergy and hierarchy alike of those who insist on the Traditional…

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God Bless America!

When you are serving your country far from home and loved ones, holidays are particularly difficult. On July 4th, 1984, the Sailors and Marines living in Rota, Spain, heard a song for the first time that left no eyes dry. Our thanks to Lee Greenwood for what was, at that time, a contemporary patriotic song, but has become an enduring legacy to those of us…

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A Tale of Two Cities

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has caused quite a kerfuffle. The reactions to his refusal of Holy Communion to the long-time abortion advocate demonstrated a deep rift in the understanding of Catholic doctrine and Canon Law. Meanwhile, only cricket chirps can be heard from Cardinal Wilton Gregory himself. The difference between those two prelates is emblematic of the sad spectacle…

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Big Sister Nina is Watching You

A government over-reaches its authority when it attempts to control not just written words on the internet, spoken words on talk radio, but thoughts and concepts that have not even been articulated in the written or spoken word. Such a government is illegitimate, and we owe no allegiance to those who claim to hold positions of authority in such an entity. Let us pray that…

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When Catholic Schools Were Catholic

It was what many of us consider the “Golden Age” of Catholicism in America – the post-war period stretching from the 40s to the 60s. Those two decades saw many converts to the True Faith in the United States, with a significant growth in a school system that was the envy of the world. Men of the “Greatest Generation” returned from the war, married their…

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