Of Mice and . . . Chimeras

A lab tech stresses mice

For some time now, we have been warning that acquiescing to the COVID19 vaccine mandates would contribute to the demand for continued — even increased — use of organs and tissue from aborted babies. We first made this concern known to our local priests as early as last December (2020), and continued into the early part of this year by consistently urging Catholic clergy and laity alike to keep focused on the issue of the moral liceity of the jab, or lack thereof. Some have pointed out — correctly — that there are actually two main moral issues involved: (1) the acceptance of murdered babies’ tissue/DNA used in the testing, development, and/or formulation of vaccines and pharmaceuticals (and the concomitant demand this acceptance creates for ever more “research” exploiting butchered babies” and (2) the sin against prudence and the 5th Commandment in accepting harmful substances into our bodies.

Of these two, we have insisted on concentrating in these pages on the former. We have mentioned in previous postings that we wrote, in late February of this year, to the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), Fr. Davide Pagliarani, in response to what we were (and remain) convinced was an erroneous evaluation by SSPX Secretary General, Fr. Arnaud Sélégny, of the COVID19 situation in general, and the moral liceity of vaccines in particular. Our posting from 21 March of this year, titled “Abortion-tainted Vaccines: Contributing to the Demand,” detailed our assessment that by acceptance of these immoral vaccines, we most certainly feed the monster known as “scientific research.” We argued that it creates what Bishop Athanasius Schneider called a “concatenation,” or interdependent link that is neither remote nor simply material. We will now give more evidence of why we must not accept vaccines and pharmaceuticals (and cosmetics) that have been developed at any point using stolen tissue/DNA or organs from babies.

Now comes word of an oral vaccine that is being developed by our busy “medical research” community, using — of course — multiple aborted babies’ organs. Author/blogger Julie Collorafi shows that the oral medicine called Molnupiravir, also known as EIDD-2801, “involved the cannibalization of aborted babies, both in the use of the HEK293 stem cell line and the use of humanized mice.” He makes a clear connection between the University of North Carolina researchers — like the infamous Ralph S. Baric — and the gain-of-function coronavirus research that was being done there and at Wuhan (and funded by Dr. Fauci and the NIH to the tune of $4 million of our tax revenue that we know of).

Julie Collorafi also provides a link to an earlier posting of hers that details experimentation at UNC “using mice humanized with fetal clone serum, a synthetic hormone derived from human fetal tissue”. Finally, Julie provides us a link to an article titled “A Grim Reminder that the Fetal Tissue Market is Still Open for Business,” by Dr. Tara Sander Lee. Along with a plethora of information regarding this grisly industry, we learn from Dr. Lee that “Lung-only mice are ‘one and done’ experiments. Once consumed, the body parts are discarded, and new parts from more recent abortions necessarily must be purchased to conduct more experiments.” Most of us missed this most informative article when it was published in March of this year, the timing of which would have clearly and firmly corroborated our contention in these pages, as well as in our letter to Fr. Pagliarani.

One warning: the links we provided will take you to very detailed descriptions of the use of aborted baby tissue referred to by researchers as BLT (for bone marrow, liver, and thymus) and LOM (for “lung-only mice”) in the development of “chimeras“. (Basically, for our purposes here, the definition of chimera is a single organism that’s made up of cells from two or more “individuals”— i.e., it contains two sets of DNA.) In describing the construction of these chimeras, both Julie Collorafi and Dr. Lee are quite detailed, which will almost certainly be a shock to anyone reading these pages. Perhaps when you have perused these links, you will agree with us that while Almighty God is eminently patient with human foibles, we can better understand Our Lady’s words that she is trying to restrain the arms of her Son as He prepares to deal with a human race gone awry.

7 thoughts on “Of Mice and . . . Chimeras

  1. All very concerning, to say the least. Yet there are still so-called Catholics who see nothing wrong with taking the vaccine and they never miss a chance to point out that the SSPX has given the green light. The SSPX clergy who have caused this scandal should be hanging their heads in shame.

    • Agreed. Furthermore, if an employee who is known to frequent SSPX chapels seeks a religious exemption from his employer, his boss will look at sspx.org and reject his employee’s request. Scandal is the right word, dear friend.

  2. Thank you so much for spreading the word about the fetal industry’s role in the COVID pandemic. The more I read about this, the more I’m convinced that abortion is the sine qua non for all of it, from the creation of the pathogen to the development of all the antidotes and everything in between.

    • We agree, Julie; and because it is the sine qua non, we are convinced that we will never end abortion unless we first stop the “medical research” exploitation of pre-born babies — both the stem cell lines and the organ harvesting.

  3. Thank you so much for linking to my site. I’m so glad to have found your wonderful website. I also contacted the SSPX leaders in the spring and emailed them all the information I had gathered on how aborted baby organs were being used to humanize the COVID test mice, but it was to no avail.

    • Our letter to Fr. Fullerton, SSPX USA District Superior went unanswered, so as you probably saw in our article, we wrote a long letter to Fr. Pagliarani, SSPX Superior General, in Menzingen, Switzerland. According to Fr. Sélégny, the Superior General asked him to respond to us, and it turned out to be the same arguments we had been hearing for months. Basically, their mantra is “remote material . . . remote material”. Fr. Sélégny acknowledged that the problem of contributing to the demand for murdered babies’ stem cells/DNA and organ tissue is a matter of concern; but he did not (and still does not) recognize that this is the concatenation of which Bishop Schneider speaks, and how far from being remote, when we accept abortion-tainted vaccines and pharmaceuticals, we are actually participants in this awful cycle. There’s nothing “remote” about it. In any event, we are very glad and honored to have you as an ally in this war. God bless you.

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