Voris’ Church Militant: Sharks in the Water

A Shark Feeding Frenzy

One of the main points of posting articles and opinion pieces online is that anyone with a computer or smartphone can see it. It is, however, a dual-edged sword, as those with an agenda can make anything they wish out of what you write. Take, for instance, our post of September 25 on the disappointing article by Fr. Arnaud Sélégny, Secretary General of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), regarding his acceptance of the COVID19 vaccines. Most of you took our fraternal correction of him to be just that — constructive criticism of what we assessed as poor moral reasoning that led Monsieur l’Abbé Sélégny to conclude (and spread his error to countless faithful Catholics) that there is justification to partake of what have come to be called abortion-tainted vaccines. As we pointed out and tried to show, he is dead wrong on this matter — an issue so fundamental to our beliefs as Catholics that it is nearly impossible for us to understand what he is thinking. We made our case, and we hope and pray that Fr. Sélégny prayerfully reconsiders his misguided reasoning. We have done all that we can humanly do. And we pray for him, as we do for any wayward son of Holy Mother Church.

So, why do those with their own agenda insist on making out of these theological/moral disagreements something they are not? To be specific, why did Michael Voris’ Church Militant ever, in a million years, think that we would somehow be allied with his despicable position vis-a-vis the SSPX? We will not even link to his sensationalist article, titled “SSPX Sparks Civil War Over Vaccine Passports,” for fear that his handlers (reportedly at Opus Dei) will reap the monetary benefit of all the visits. Voris’ correspondent in Rome, Jules Gomes, wrote what we used to call a work of jaundiced journalism, citing us here at Tradidi Quod et Accepi often in an article that contained numerous inaccuracies.

The sharks at Church Militant sensed blood in the water, and went into a feeding frenzy. Their sensationalist headline and biased content needed to be corrected. So, we tried to set the record straight with Dr. Gomes. We attempted to post a comment this morning on the above-mentioned article. Unfortunately, we cannot find it there in the comments section. Read what we wrote to decide for yourself if someone just inadvertently deleted it or not:

Dear Dr. Gomes,
This is Tony Ambrosetti. I wanted to point out that you have several inaccuracies in your article. First of all, my wife and I — who collaborate on our blog, Tradidi Quod et Accepi, are not “SSPX Bloggers”. We are not members of the SSPX, nor do we speak for them. We do support them, in general, and have for four decades. We wish to make it clear that we were reluctant to publish our criticisms of the Society for the very reason that anti-SSPX entities like CM will smell blood in the water and assume that we are “piling on”. That is absolutely NOT the case. CM’s treatment of the SSPX with regard to Ms. Niles’ articles are despicable. Constructive criticism of the SSPX from those who attend is done out of love for both Archbishop Lefebvre and his priests in general, and is intended to be respectfully corrective.
Some other points: no “group” of faithful met in a meeting with Fr. Beck and Fr. Loop. My wife and I met privately with Fr. Beck in December, then the faithful of Immaculate Conception were invited to attend the talk given by Fr. Loop in early January. Indicentally, Fr. Loop is principal of ICA in Post Falls, Idaho, not in Oregon.
Again, to clarify, we are not trying to initiate a rebellion or civil war; we simply want erroneous guidance like that of Fr. Selegny regarding the morality of the vaccine to be re-evaluated and corrected.
Respectfully in Christo,
Tony Ambrosetti

Dear Readers, we want to make clear again: we have no axe to grind with the SSPX in general. Over the last four decades, we have known many holy Society priests — outstanding priests — in the U.S. and Europe, with whom we have maintained a valued friendship. Their spiritual guidance has been indispensable. We have the utmost respect for these selfless men who have made the Sacraments available to so many of us over the years. We are not condemning the SSPX as a whole; but we will never back down from pointing out error, whether it has to do with allowing use of abortion-related pharmaceuticals and vaccines, or the occasional attack on our nation’s Founding. We pledge to continue to provide, as laity are permitted and encouraged to do so under the terms of Canon 212, constructive and charitable criticism where we see it necessary. And you will never see us allied with the likes of Michael Voris, Christine Niles, or Church Militant. May God bless you.

3 thoughts on “Voris’ Church Militant: Sharks in the Water

  1. Dear Tony: Enjoyed your article. I am a Navy veteran and “traditional” Catholic who, Lord willing, will run for Governor of Texas in 2022 against the Fake Catholic and Globalist, Greg Abbott. See my WTPP website here and feel free to contact me. https://www.wethepeopleforpresident.org/contact-us

  2. “Sharks in the Water” – have they come from their retreat at sea?

  3. CMTV Banned my comments from chat that opposed their biased coverage of the Society – despite the fact that my family was previously a long term supporter of CMTV – And they then extended the comments ban to permanent to all the elements of their site
    This is several months ago and we pulled our $ support as a premium subscriber even though we don’t use their premium services but we kept it as a supporter . I met Voris in person in 2011 – He did actually correspond with me when I escalated my objections
    In essence he let me know that they are not Traditional Catholics nor do they see the traditional movement as the future of the Church but weirdly ( and mistakenly in my view) sees it as problematic and cultic

    Salve Maria
    Mark AB

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