“What happened to moral absolutism and the non-negotiables?”

Dear Readers, the title quote comes from the excellent article by Francesca Romana, who is a contributor at the Rorate Caeli website. Her simple yet beautiful words were penned, she tells us, at the urging of her conscience, after translating — and disagreeing with — Dr. Roberto De Mattei’s analysis of the controversy surrounding abortion-tainted vaccines. Here is the link to Francesca Romana’s thought-provoking article:

RORATE CÆLI: The COVID-19 Vaccination Debate: We cannibals and the children of Medea

2 thoughts on ““What happened to moral absolutism and the non-negotiables?”

  1. This is good. But how disappointing that the “conservative” likes of Rorate, IP5, et. al. continue to give de Mattei and Fr. Cippola an outlet to spread their diabolical errors on this.

    It reminds me of Ben Shapiro, who will no doubt soon be making the “conservative” case for submitting to the mark of the beast. Speaking of which, I recently came across this fascinating comment elsewhere:

    “The Mark of the Beast is not necessarily a physical thing, but just submission to the narrative. Remember, the mark was placed on their forehead (thoughts) and their hands (actions).”

    • “It is remote material . . . it is remote material . . . it is remote material.” If they say it often enough, like a mantra, they may convince themselves in some sort of pathological way. Yet, it is so very difficult for us to understand what is going through the minds of those who have no objections to the deathvaxx. As you know, we have tried to leave aside the issues of the safety of the various vaccines on this page to concentrate on the moral liceity of abortion-tainted vaccines and pharmaceuticals (and cosmetics). But just the safety factor alone is appalling. Then we look at (as you point out) who is behind the attempts at controlling us through the “Mark of the Beast,” and you can’t avoid arriving at the origins of the diabolical “Great Reset.” Meanwhile, Dr. De Mattei and Fr. Cipolla (and the SSPX) all miss the point — it is not “remote material” at all! We were visiting with a long-time SSPX priest by phone yesterday, who believes that these men — along with the SSPX “moral theologians” and hierarchy, have been blinded by intellectual pride. They can’t see the simple fact that our acceptance of these abortion-tainted vaccines is truly, as Bishop Schneider asserts, a “concatenation” in evil. The ongoing harvest of murdered babies is being fueled by our acceptance of — our demand for — science to save us from the perils of life. And so the harvesting continues — today and as long as there is a demand. As Francesca so eloquently puts it, ” . . . any present benefit through vaccines derived from the use of harvested aborted-human-beings, made in the image and likeness of God,” is fundamentally immoral and smacks of cannibalism. Yet these intellectuals think that the benefit is well worth the cost! This harvesting of babies will continue until 1.3 billion Catholics stand together and say, “No More!” Meanwhile, as Signora Romana so aptly says, it is the “Catholics who morally absolve the use of human-fetal-remains in scientific experimentation” who have fractured the universality of the Church, and — let’s face it — have sold out to the enemy.

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