Has anyone seen my country lately?

“America was a good nation, long before it was a great nation.”  

   Those words were famously said by Catholic statesman and patriot Patrick Buchanan, many long years ago.   Now, as we face the sad results of the fraudulent election of 3 November, 2020, we are all wondering:  What happened to the America that we once knew?  It appears that it is no longer good nor great.

  As the name of this blog implies, we must pass on that which we received.  Like King Arthur before the battle with Lancelot, we must insist that our children and grandchildren, symbolized in the movie Camelot by young Tom of Warwick, live to fight another day, carrying in their hearts the love of the Faith, and the love of Country. We place a heavy burden on them.  And we pray that Almighty God will help them to be up to the task. 

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